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About Deena

Deena Haynes is an artist living in Aptos, California. She has been creating and selling art for over 20 years and is fascinated with developing multiple layers while combining traditional art materials with digital images. Whether the work is abstract or representational, an iconic or grid composition, photographs often become the underprint or overprint in layers of acrylic paint, ink, graphite and/or collage materials.

She finds herself flowing between paint and the computer, scanner and wax, photographic and gel mediums. Her work is often exploring juxtapositions or seeming dichotomies - the hidden and revealed, the obvious and mystery, the rhythm and stillness, or the ancient and contemporary. Her love of nature often finds her jogging, biking, hiking or taking photographs throughout Santa Cruz & Monterey County, and is reflected frequently in her art.

She has exhibited her work in New York and California. Her art work is in various private collections in England, United States and Canada.

Portrait of Deena Hayes, artist 2019
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